Software Development Engineer , RDS Open Source

September 12, 2022
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Job Description

Job ID: 2227360 | ADCI PNQ 13 SEZ

Amazon is breaking new ground and changing the rules for relational databases. At Amazon Web Services (AWS), we are the public cloud. AWS commands a majority of the world’s public cloud traffic, serving customers at ultra large scale, and this volume is growing exponentially every day. At Amazon/AWS, we take databases to their limits. Due to our scale, we see issues that no other RDBMS customers see. We are creatively and disruptively solving some of the most complex database problems related to immense growth, scaling, leveraging the cloud, extremely high performance and high availability requirements. Do these types of challenges excite you? Do you want to part of the core group that’s responsible for availability and durability of the world’s largest fleet of relational databases on cloud ? If you’re an engineer who want to be significant part of this core group, come on board!

We have challenging problems to solve in distributed systems, concurrency, high availability, durability, performance, languages, and performance engineering. We intend to be the world’s best and most reliable database, built by an excellent team, all while having fun – come join us on the journey!


  • 1+ years of experience in software development
  • Programming experience with at least one software programming language.


Experience developing and operating large scale distributed systems
Strong verbal and written communication skills