Basic (C++ & DSA)

30+ Hours Lecture

100+ Questions

3 Live Sessions

1 Month Duration

4 Years Access

₹ 699


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1) How C++ works

2) Compiler

3) Linker

4) Variables

5) Functions

6) Header Files

7) How to debug

8) Set Up Visual Studio Code

9) Loops (For, While, Do While)

10) Control Flow (Break, Continue)

11) Pointers

12) Reference

13) Classes

14) Structs

15) Static


17) Constructors

18) Destructors

19) Inheritance

20) Virtual Functions

21) Interfaces

22) Visibility

23) Arrays

24) Strings

25) String Literals


27) The Mutable Keyword

28) Member Initializer Lists

29) Ternary Operators

30) Objects

31) New Keyword

32) Implicit Conversion

33) Explicit Keyword

34) Operators

35) Operator Overloading

36) "this" Keyword

37) Object Lifetime (Stack/Scope Lifetime)

38) SMART Pointers

39) Copy Constructors

40) Arrow Operator

41) Dynamic Arrays

42) Local Static

43) Dynamic Libraries

44) Stack Memory

45) Heap Memory

46) Macros

47) "auto" Keyword

48) Static Arrays

49) Function Pointers

50) Lambdas

51) Threads

52) Timing

53) Multidimensional Arrays

54) Sorting

55) Type Punning

56) Unions

57) Virtual Destructors

58) Casting

59) Conditional Breakpoints

60) Action Breakpoints

61) Precompiled Headers

62) Dynamic Casting

63) Benchmarking

64) Structured Bindings

65) Visual Benchmarking

66) Singletons

67) lvalues

68) rvalues

69) continuous integration

70) Static Analysis

71) Argument Evaluation Order

72) Making Array Data Structure from zero

73) Iterators

74) Binary Operators

75) Bitwise Operators

76) Making map Data Structure from zero

77) NULL

78) Making a Desktop Application using C++


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There is no need to know anything about coding beforehand as this course covers all important concepts from basic to advanced.

This course is open to individuals from all backgrounds and fields of study, who can learn C++ & DSA

It is a self-paced course, and one can take it alongside their college classes.

Hinglish (a blend of Hindi and English) is the medium of instruction for the course.

One can access the course for a period of 4 years.

After finishing this course, you will receive a certificate

To ensure sufficient time for learning key concepts and practicing questions, lessons will be unlocked every alternate day.

The course includes over 100+ thoughtfully selected questions that have been addressed in class

In order to write good code, we can utilize various tools and techniques. One such tool is a data structure, which serves as a designated location for storing and organizing data. Additionally, an algorithm is a set of steps that can be employed to effectively solve a specific problem.

Many companies, including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, frequently ask about Data Structures and Algorithms in job interviews. These concepts can also assist you in producing efficient and expandable code. Additionally, you can learn how to create code that performs more quickly and necessitates less storage.

After the batch starts, we will inform you about the community you can join.

This is a recorded self-paced course with LIVE mentorship sessions on C++, DSA, and project making.

The lectures will be in recorded format and uploaded according to the schedule(alternate days). The timings for the 3 Live sessions might vary which will be conveyed to students in advance.

Starting as early as possible will give you a good head start and ample time to practice. Rest assured that you are eligible to enroll as we will cover everything from basics to advanced.

After the batch commences, you will receive information regarding the platform. Kindly be advised that the course lectures will only be accessible from the 14th of March, 2023.