System Design

35+ Hours Lecture

20+ Questions

3 Live Sessions

1.5 Months Duration

4 Years Access

₹ 1999


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1) Abstractions

2) Non-Functional System Characteristics

3) back-of-the-envelope calculations

4) Building blocks

5) Domain name system

6) Load balancers

7) Database

8) key-value store

9) content delivery network

10) sequencer

11) distributed monitoring

12) monitor server-side errors

13) monitor client-side errors

14) distributed cache

15) distributed messaging queue

16) pub-sub

17) rate limiter

18) blob store

19) distributed search

20) distributed logging

21) distributed task scheduler

22) sharded counters

23) Design Youtube

24) Design Quora

25) Design Google Maps

26) Design Proximity Service - Yelp

27) Design Uber

28) Design Twitter

29) Design Newsfeed System

30) Design Instagram

31) Design TinyURL

32) Design a web crawler

33) Design WhatsApp

34) Design Typehead suggestion

35) Design Google Docs


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Ex-Goldman Sachs, Software Engineer



There is no need to know anything about coding beforehand as this course covers all important concepts from basic to advanced.

This course is open to individuals from all backgrounds and fields of study, who can learn System Design

It is a self-paced course, and one can take it alongside their college classes.

Hinglish (a blend of Hindi and English) is the medium of instruction for the course.

One can access the course for a period of 4 years.

After finishing this course, you will receive a certificate

To ensure sufficient time for learning key concepts and practicing questions, lessons will be unlocked every alternate day.

The course includes over 20+ thoughtfully selected System Design questions that have been addressed in class

After the batch starts, we will inform you about the community you can join.

This is a recorded self-paced course with LIVE mentorship sessions on System Design

The lectures will be in recorded format and uploaded according to the schedule(alternate days). The timings for the 3 Live sessions might vary which will be conveyed to students in advance.

Starting as early as possible will give you a good head start and ample time to practice. Rest assured that you are eligible to enroll as we will cover everything from basics to advanced.

After the batch commences, you will receive information regarding the platform. Kindly be advised that the course lectures will only be accessible from the 14th of March, 2023.