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About Company

PhysicsWallah family has crossed over 6M+ students and is continuously raising its bar in the field of education, giving everything that students need with best-in-class faculty to support them in achieving their dreams. Observing the financial implications of many enrolling in expensive online courses, PhysicsWallah focuses on providing affordable education to help students ace various entrance exams.

About PhysicsWallah Founder Alakh Pandey Born in 1991 in Prayagraj, Alakh Pandey always scored admirable marks in his school years. From being a regular physics teacher to becoming a world-renowned physics teacher YouTuber and motivational speaker, Alakh Pandey. As education all over the world quickly shifted to the online medium, students started following him and his easy tricks on the internet with asking more of it, as he used simple language to teach with the help of a lot of examples.

Why PhysicsWallah? In the era where education has become business when it comes to coaching for engineering and medical aspirants, Mr. Alakh Pandey AKA PhysicsWallah aims to provide high-quality and affordable educational content free of cost or minimal cost. Alakh Pandey has been paving the way for millions of students through his YouTube Channel and PhysicsWallah App/Website on which the team provides lectures for, NEET, JEE Mains, and Advanced level preparation.At Physics Wallah, students can opt from various batches such as Lakshya, Prayas and Manzil. These are divided based on the level of the student aided by all-inclusive, batch-specific study material with a focus on concept development.

Vision of PhysicsWallah

Education, no matter where you are, has the power to change everything and grow you tremendously moreover that’s what our founder, Alakh Pandey Sir, believes in “education for all, regardless of their socioeconomic status” We provide premium education to all by offering a variety of learning options through our batches to meet all of our students.