About Company

Confirm is a venture-backed, all-in-one people platform fixing what’s broken with performance reviews. Grounded in the science of Organizational Network Analysis (ONA), Confirm empowers leaders with a true view of each employee’s influence, impact, and actual contribution. All with less time and effort. Unveil unique data to promote, PIP, and retain talent with precision and confidence.

The way we work has changed. Today, work is remote, distributed, and collaborative. Leaders need more visibility than ever to make fair and accurate performance decisions.

Confirm provides a true reflection of each employee’s impact, so you can make confident people decisions based on data, not bias.

Confirm is

1) everything you need to drive performance and retention, all in one place.

2) built on ONA so you can promote, PIP, and reward with confidence.

3) quick to implement so you can get started in days, not weeks.

4) enterprise secure and maintains the highest standards of data privacy and security.

It’s time we let go of broken systems that perpetuate bias and leave employees feeling overlooked. Find out how Confirm is changing performance reviews, for good.