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About Company

Memorang is building the world’s first end-to-end EdTech SaaS platform to become the Shopify for Test Prep.

For partners, we provide fully managed white-label apps and test prep workspace which includes admin, marketing, analytics, content management, and customer support tools all-in-one.

For students, our apps run on AIBL (AI-Based Learning), Memorang’s proprietary system that automates learning through a personalized study schedule and stream of learning tasks that adapts to what they know and what they’re in danger of forgetting. Whether tackling complex medical boards, insurance certifications, or vocabulary for elementary students with special needs, we have a 100% passing rate across all subjects.

Currently, our company is growing about 30-50% month-over-month and our partners include the world’s leading education brands with subjects ranging from healthcare (e.g. medicine, physical therapy, pharmacy) to professional certifications (e.g. insurance, real estate, cosmetology).

This is just the beginning so we hope you’ll join us!