About Company

Netomi helps companies deliver higher quality customer experiences at scale with AI. If customer service is not a priority, you don’t have to read any further. Warner Bros, SodaStream, and HP trust Netomi’s AI-first customer service platform to deliver eye-popping results. Doing this all while significantly reducing cost. Netomi is building the first Relationship Operating System and its three main benefits for companies are: – Industry-leading resolution rates (automatically resolves 80% of routine customer service inquiries) – Improved resolution time – Increased customer satisfaction and support quality People love our patented, no-code platform, which works across messaging, chat, email and voice. The platform also understands 100+ languages – ¡Qué bueno! Netomi is based in San Francisco and has offices in Toronto, New York, and India. Want to work from your home office? We have remote options as well! We can’t hire fast enough, join this incredible team today!