2025 Batch – Software Development Intern – Backend

April 23, 2024
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Job Description

Role: Backend Developer Intern

Location: New Delhi (East of Kailash)

Internship Duration: 6 Months

Mandatory: Personal Laptop and NOC from University

Year of Graduation: 2025 Graduates Only

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Job Responsibilities:

● You will be involved in development tasks in small agile teams as well as carrying out experimentation on our tech-stack. We do several rollouts every day, are data-driven and do extensive A/B testing

● As an Intern you will be given sufficient time to learn new technologies and frameworks and will be part of development, performance, and scaling of the new product as well as internal systems, which includes using technologies like Node.js, Kubernetes, MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, Dynamodb, Redis, Nginx and most of the services of the AWS & GCP Cloud

● You should be punctual in office and your performance will be graded on accuracy of estimates and completeness of tasks

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Important aspects of the job include:

● Rapidly develop next-generation scalable, flexible, and high-performance systems

● Solve issues with the site and internal systems, prioritizing based on consumer impact

● Collaborate with your Team, Business Team, and Product Owners

● Sometimes, solving our toughest problems has little to do with the software we have written, and more to do with the complex interaction of multiple systems

● Understanding the full stack, from bits going across the wire to the various communication protocols all the way up to the application layer is vitally important. Multiple languages and platforms are used across the stack

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● We need hustlers who are enthusiastic and great at solving problems, who initiate solutions and discussions and who believe that any challenge can be scaled with the right mindset and tools


● Preferably in the final year of college or recently graduated with a B.Tech/B.E. degree in Computer Science and has demonstrable development. experience with more than one programming language

● Experience with NodeJS, Advanced Javascript and Typescript

● Experience with databases like Mysql and Mongodb

● Hands-on experience with the AWS services

● Experience with video content delivery, media servers, CDNs and protocols such as RTMP and HLS is highly preferred

● Comfortable working in English both written and spoken

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● Ability to work independently as well as in small teams

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