API Solution Engineer (Python & Node.JS)

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Job Description

Batch-2023 & earlier

Remote Location


  • Develop open source libraries that will be further used by company’s clients
  • Cover global clients such as HFTs and algo/quant funds on API related issues across our different platforms (spot exchange, futures exchange, margin trading, etc)
  • Become the go-to expert on matters related to REST API and WebSockets, managing discussions and queries with the exchange’s largest clients
  • Guide clients to write more effective algorithms for trading, helping the efficiency of our exchange
  • Develop metrics to measure client API limit usage and their effectiveness and liaise with internal teams to manage API limits for high volume clients


  • Strong command of programming (preferably Python and/or JavaScript (Node.JS), prior experience using exchange APIs would be taken into consideration as well)
  • At least Bachelor degree in a tech field (Computer Science, Math, or similar)
  • Business level English. Fluency in other popular languages (e.g. Chinese, Spanish, French, etc.) would be of an advantage, for communication with customers
  • Excellent communications skills
  • Very responsive (we are a client-serving business)
  • Highly self driven and disciplined 
  • Curiosity and drive to learn and try new things