Women Coders Contest Indeed – India 2022

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Job Description

Indeed invites women developers to join the coding sprint. Women Coders Contest Indeed, 2022 event gives women an opportunity to showcase their skills by solving real-world problems and win some cool prizes. The coding sprint is an online event and includes several open-ended problem statements related to Indeed business. You are expected to work individually and solve them. Winners will be chosen based on most questions with optimal solutions — put your problem-solving and coding skills to the test.
This year we’re excited to extend participation from female coders residing in India, Singapore and Japan. 

Time: Contest starts at 19th November 2022 and will end on 21st November 2022, 9.00AM IST.
Who can participate:

  • Anyone that identifies as a woman and is passionate about coding.
  • They must be a resident of India.
  • A working professional or graduating student.
  • Participation is on an individual basis for the coding challenge.

Languages: Open to any programming languages supported by the Mercer | Mettl Platform.


Q1. What is the process to apply for Women Coders Contest Indeed?

All candidates need to apply through the registration link. Candidates can register only once. Multiple registrations will lead to disqualification from the event.

Q2. When is the test and when will the interviews happen?​​​​​​​

The online assessment will start at 19th November 2022, 9:00AM IST and ends at 21st November 2022, 9:00AM IST. Note you will get only 1 chance to attempt the test.

Q3. Can the challenge be attempted from mobile platform?

We only suggest the candidates to participate in the challenges from laptop/desktop.

Q4. Are the programming questions restricted to specific languages?

The languages that you can write code in can be selected on the assessment platform, if applicable.

Q5. How can I reach out to get any specific clarifications?

All registration and assessment related issues are to be addressed at mettl-support@mercer.com

Q6. Are students from any college allowed?

Yes, students from all Engineering colleges of India can participate as long as they meet the eligibility criteria.

Q7. How will my code be judged?

The code will be tested against various testcases. Winners will be chosen based on most questions with optimal solutions.

Q8. Can I switch the coding language during the assessment?

Yes, you can change the coding language during the assessment. However the previous code entered can’t be retrieved and the candidate would have to rewrite the whole code again.

Q9. Can a candidate from different country can apply for the event.

Yes, If the candidate is residing in the country and can proof they are living in India at the time of participating in the event.