Backend Engineer at Alectio

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Job Description

₹8L – ₹18L • 0.1% – 0.15%

Who we are and what we do

Even if you are not super familiar with the Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning space, you probably know that ML models require lots of training data, and that preparing and managing that data is slow, inefficient and expensive.

At Alectio, we are pioneering the concept of Data Prep Ops by taking a novel approach: we believe that in fact, you can use much smaller amounts of data, as long as that data contains just the right information for the model to learn. It’s like believing that anyone can learn fast, as long as the content is tailored to the way they learn. And it works: with our revolutionary approach to Machine Learning, our customers identify the data that is the most beneficial to their models so that they can train these models with the same level of accuracy with only a fraction of the data – usually less than 30%, and sometimes less than 3%! That’s a lot of money and time saved – and no one else does it today!

We’re currently headquartered in Santa Clara, we are a fast-growing, dynamic early stage start-up focussed on solving the next big problem in AI.

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What we need help with

Our platform is in pretty high-demand for customers, and we’ve successfully gotten through the phases of product-market fit. However, some of the features are still in beta, and like any startup at this stage, we need support to scale.

While we’ve been able to take the company this far with our team of amazing, hundry team members, our platform team -made mostly of brilliant, junior engineers- needs the guidance of a more experienced engineering leader who will be able to coordinate the work of the frontend and backend teams, mentor more junior people and still be willing to code and meet customer deadlines and requirements.

We’re not gonna lie: like any startup, it can be high pressure; the good news, it’s that it’s also high reward, and we know we’re going places.

In terms of day-to-day responsibility, we would like you to:

  • help the founding team coordinate efforts with the Machine Learning team
  • project-manage the improvements and future feature enhancements of the platform
  • help identify gaps in the team’s skillset and hire the best people to fill those gaps
  • feel equally comfortable improving existing code / fixing tech debt and building new features

This role can evolve quickly into a managerial role (we’re close to our Series A), but given we are still a small team, you’ll still be involve with the daily nitty-gritty details and people management tasks on top of your work as an engineer.

What we expect in terms of skills / capabillities

Note that we do NOT expect you to know everything – but we expect you to be a fast learner, passionate about the problems you work on, and you should feel VERY comfortable functioning in a highly uncertain environment (customers sometimes have crazy expectations and we need to keep them happy!)

  • 1-3 years of full-stack or BE development experience
  • extensive knowledge of cloud technologies (AWS)
  • experience with both SQL and noSQL databases
  • A TON of experience building / optimizing APIs
  • serious data engineering chops
  • AMAZING communication skills and extreme self-discipline