Backend Lead at Puramilk Tech

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Job Description

₹40L – ₹65L

We’re in search of a senior back-end engineer that specializes in building highly scalable, highly available, reliable, secure, and fault-tolerant systems.
As a part of the Core Backend team, you’ll be working on some complex and interesting problems such as building suggestion algorithms to bring out meaningful relations between our users.

With a lean team like ours, you’ll have ample opportunities to work with various aspects of the application and build something meaningful.

*Requirements *

*Must-haves: *

  • You need to be excited about the problem that we are trying to solve
  • Should have excellent command over designing systems with a minimum experience of 4 years.
  • Should have experience with various database flavours and writing complex queries. We work with Postgres, Redshift, ElasticSearch, TimescaleDB, and Redis.
  • Additional knowledge in Golang will be an advantage
  • Strong Data Structures and Algorithms knowledge
  • Should have created APIs from scratch which is being used in Production
  • Should be comfortable with creating systems handling up to 100k requests per minute, and have a mindset that understands scale
  • Ability to give clarity and communicate well with the team, including Product, Backend and Dev-Ops (if and when needed)
  • Ability to use profiling tools well, getting to root causes of bugs fast
  • Ability to pick and work on adjacent technologies if and when required (Eg: If the best performance monitoring solution needs a basic firebase setup, that should not be a blocker for you to go ahead and do so)
  • Knowledge of how to set up relevant test cases
  • You need to be comfortable working in a remote environment (Good internet connection and availability on phone is required) Good to have
  • App Development experience
  • Experience in Test Driven Development
  • Ability to tell Product what creates better User Experience, ability to tell frontend what API responses will help the user get a faster load time
  • Inquisitiveness to understand the system as a whole, and not only be stuck to your domain of expertise (Eg: Figure out why excessive APIs calls are being made, brainstorm with Product and Frontend team to reduce the same without harming the UX )
  • Experience in working on a Social Media Product
  • Good knowledge of Graphs, and their applications
  • Data-Driven Approach to monitoring