Cloud Engineer at Alectio

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₹8L – ₹18L • 0.1% – 0.15%


Alectio is a leading disruptive B2B AI company pioneering the concept of DataPrepOps, founded by one of the top data preparation experts in the world. We are the first company to offer solutions to help ML experts build ML models with less data – and hence, faster, cheaper, and more sustainably. With companies looking to reduce their operational costs more than ever, we are expanding fast and already service customers in a wide range of different industries – all on the forefront of ML. We are backed by leading investors and are a remote-first organization.
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At Alectio, we’re already helping some of the most innovative companies in the world train better machine learning models with less data, and we’re growing very fast, which naturally means we need to scale our platform fast – very fast. Our proprietary Learning-to-Sample technology combines some of the most advanced techniques, including Reinforcement Learning, Meta-Learning, Active Learning and Multi-Task Learning, which requires combining the most novel DevOps and MLOps libraries and techniques in a creative manner while establishing best practices for the entire engineering team.

This role would be ideal for a self-starter, well-versed with conventional DevOps techniques, who is constantly looking to push the boundaries of his/her knowledge and possesses a strong interest for MLOps.


  • Implementing various development, testing, automation tools, and IT infrastructure
  • Setting up tools and required infrastructure for the maintenance of the platform’s pipeline, and for the deployment of ML models
  • Defining and setting up development, test, release, update, and support processes for DevOps operations
  • Monitoring the processes during the entire lifecycle for its adherence, creating or updating new processes for improvement and minimizing waste of resources
  • Encouraging and building automated processes wherever possible
  • Identifying and deploying cybersecurity measures by continuously performing vulnerability assessment and risk management
  • Performing incidence management and root cause analysis
  • Selecting and deploying appropriate CI/CD tools
  • Striving for continuous improvement and building continuous integration, continuous development, and constant deployment pipeline (CI/CD Pipeline)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering and/or equivalent experience
  • A strong desire to do things “the right way” and to convince others to do the same
  • Experience with cloud technologies, such as AWS, GCP and/or Azure
  • Some experience with security protocols (SSL, OAuth, etc.)
  • Experience with CI/CD
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes (absolute must)
  • Experience with orchestration and data pipelines (Airflow, Kubeflow, etc.), especially in the context of Machine Learning
  • Excellent problem-solving, analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • A “make-it-work” attitude: you like to fix people’s problems for them
  • Previous experience in a MLOps startup is an added bonus but not necessary