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Job Description

$80k – $130k

About Supermove

At Supermove, our mission is to make moving faster, cheaper, and delightful for everyone. Supermove gives movers and their customers easy, digital tools to manage their moves. We built our products through conversations with and feedback from movers who were frustrated with inefficient pen and paper systems. Now, we offer a software platform designed make everything from lead capture to reporting simple, streamlined, and fully digital.

Hundreds of business owners trust Supermove to digitize their moving business, and help them save time, money, and scale their business.

Working with Supermove We are a customer-driven team that tackles problems with empathy and logical reasoning. We aim to truly solve problems for our customers and accomplish this through a thorough process of problem discovery, user research, user testing, and iteration. We’re looking for experienced, thoughtful product engineers who enjoy solving real-world problems and seeing their software used by thousands of people everyday.

Your Role & Mission As a Software Engineer, you will build scalable software that helps moving companies save time and earn more revenue via a delightful experience.

Quick facts:

  • We have closed our series A round raising $18M led by a16z – read more about it here.
  • We have doubled our team size from 20+ to 40+ in a quarter comprising of Pinterest, Asana, Facebook, and Uber alums.
  • We handle millions of dollars of moves each month and we’re on track to 10x in a single year.
  • We have several customers paying us more than $x00k ARR.

Role & Responsibility:

  • Build new user-facing features end-to-end from the database schema up to the UI components with great attention to detail
  • Create generic systems that are able to solve any workflow in a scalable way. Generalized systems include billing, document creation and storage, task workflow, and customer communication systems
  • Optimize our GraphQL backend for fast performance so that our movers are able to complete their jobs quickly
  • Add real-time support to our notifications framework and customer communication features
  • Work on our early-staged design system to build UI components consistently and quickly. Help define how we build components here at Supermove
  • Open source general frameworks that we use to build entire applications consistently and quickly
  • Shipping code, conduct code reviews
  • Architecture docs and Design handoffs
  • Product brainstorm/scoping (if desired)
  • Design review/brainstorm (if desired)



  • Understanding of relational databases
  • GraphQL
  • Python/Flask
  • AWS Lambdas
  • Basics of testing: e2e, integration, unit


  • React
  • React Native
  • GraphQL
  • Frontend Testing
  • Summary: Can you build a full-stack web application on their own?

Skills & Experience

  • You have relevant experience. You have 2-5 years of experience at a relevant tech, product-driven company.
  • Ideally with 1-2 years of experience in an early-stage startup (Seed – Series A + startup). 1-2 of years of experience if you have several strong internships at Series A-C companies + good school
  • You truly believe in our mission. You believe moving is a significant moment in a person’s life and believe we can make the moving experience great.
  • You are curious and empathetic. You always aim to understand the full picture from the customer’s point of view. You’re willing to challenge your understanding of this every day to improve it.
  • You embrace change. You understand that change is the only constant in a startup. You are excited to propose and lead change when you have a better way.

Expected Outcomes

++Within the first 30 Days:++


  • Understand how a moving company works, starting with our current customers
  • Explain how a moving company completes each major step in the moving process to another EPD team member
  • For every project that you build over the next 90 days (and beyond), reiterate back to your Product Manager:
  • Which moving step you are affecting
  • Which user groups and workflows are affected by the changes you are making


  • Understand the engineering team’s role in overall Supermove business strategy
  • Understand and use our “product process” by working with product, design, and engineering to build your first large project
  • ++In your first 30 days++, complete at least one large project and go through the full process:
  • Read and ask questions at the PRD stage
  • Provide feedback and receive the design handoff of mocks
  • Perform QA during the bugs & polish session
  • Launch your project to live customers


  • Understand where some of our customers are at from a product perspective. For each of the projects you are working on in your first 30 days:
  • Read and understand all customer requests attached to the projects you are working on
  • Understand which customers are related to this project and the associated ARR. You can find all of this info on the customer card attached to each customer request
  • Understand the value of the projects you are working on for the customer. Answer the question: What happens if this problem is not solved for the customer?


  • Submit a pull request to the codebase on day 1
  • Run a core service deploy (API, Manager, Crew, or Estimator) by the end of your second week
  • Ship 2+ bug fixes or 1 small feature by the end of your second week
  • Ship 1 medium/large project (1-2 weeks of eng time) within your first 30 days
  • Review and sign off on architecture created by other engineers on your project
  • Map out your own features and scope out your own engineering estimates
  • Communicate with your pod to make sure this project is shipped on time and satisfies all requirements

++Within the first 90 Days and onwards:++ Here are some of the goals that we at Supermove would like you to achieve in the first 90 days. We believe these are reasonable but challenging goals. We are confident that you can hit them.


  • Understand where some of our customers are at from a product perspective. For each of the projects you are working on in your first 90 days:
  • Read and understand all customer requests attached to the projects you are working on


  • Ship 5+ medium/large projects by the end of your first 90 days
  • Create architecture docs for at least 2+ projects that you complete in 90 days. Creating architecture means you are mapping out all details for how a project will be built
  • Fix all bugs assigned to you related to anything that you ship within 90 days
  • By the end of 90 days, you should be contributing to pull requests as both an author and a reviewer. Review PRs for an entire project that another engineer builds
  • Lead an onboarding session for a new Supermove Engineer. Pick a topic that you are proficient in and lead the session for the new batch of engineers joining the team
  • Demo your large projects to the entire team during our Product Launches bi-weekly meeting


  • Run an engineering leaning lunch of a topic of your choice. Do a deep dive on a technical topic or teach the team something new 😃
  • Join at least one functional group at Supermove such as: Design System, Testing
  • Be a positive team player that is willing to do whatever it takes to make the Supermove engineering team succeed
  • Be reliable – someone that we can turn to when there are production issues
  • Be trustworthy – make commitments for product deadlines and reliably hit them
  • Be knowledgeable – understand the codebase and be looking for ways to improve it

Our Tech Stack

  • React and React Native client apps built with an Apollo GraphQL data layer, Styled Components for styling our UI, and hooks for handling modals, responsiveness, navigation, and more.
  • Flask backend with a performant GraphQL layer built with Graphene
  • Redis and Airflow for async task handling and working with external systems
  • Our processes include using Notion, Slack, and GitHub for all communication

Why this role

  • Large amount of ownership within the first 3 months of joining. You’ll be able to jump into projects within your first 30 days, and own several features by the end of your 90 days.
  • Modern tech stack: Python/JS with React, React Native, GraphQL, Flask
  • Fast iteration cycles. We build and launch our features behind flags. This enables us to deploy multiple times a day without disruption to other engineers on the team.
  • Strong engineering backgrounds: Work with bright engineers from Asana, Facebook, Pinterest

Why Supermove

We create an organizational culture where we are transparent, people feel comfortable being themselves, ensuring everyone is heard and listened to. As an Equal Opportunity Employer, we mitigate bias across our hiring process: consistent hiring practices and working towards fair treatment, access, and opportunities for all individuals. All applicants will be considered for employment without attention to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran or disability status.

You will rewrite an entire industry.

You will introduce innovative technology to redesign the moving industry’s daily workflows from the ground up. By coming up with new strategies to grow our customer base, you will provide these businesses time, revenue, and speed – radically uplifting the entire moving experience.

You will likely determine the fate of our company

As one of Supermove’s first members of the sales team, you will scale our product to thousands of companies. You have a big upside if we execute well, and we can’t do this without you.

You will work with a smart and action-oriented team

At Supermove, we are trying to do what’s nearly impossible – to create an enduring and iconic company. We are relentless and ambitious with all of our goals. We move extremely quickly and prefer to iterate rather than deliberate. We always operate with full trust and transparency, knowing that our top priority is to achieve our vision to the best of our ability.

Additional Perks & Benefits:

Market comp, medical, vision, dental. Monthly wellness stipend. Provide direct input to overall company strategy.


We move at super speed with a simple four step process.

Phone screen, CTO & Hiring Manager Interview, Technical Interview, and then a three hour virtual final stage interview (Onsite) with the founders and future team members.